How to edit a Blog Post:

  1. Set the “Featured Image” for the blog post in the bottom-right-corner of the regular WordPress Post Editor (the Featured Image should be uploaded as a 400 x 200 image file)
  2. Edit the blog “Excerpt” in the Excerpt field below – this except will be displayed on the Blog Page
  3. Add the blog content here using the regular WordPress Post Editor, or…
  4. Or switch to “Use The Divi Builder” and then switch to use the Divi “Visual Builder”
  5. Save and publish your blog using the save, update, preview, and publish buttons

When starting a new Blog Post:

  1. Open the WordPress Dashboard (the left hand panel)
  2. Open “All Posts”
  3. Select a Post that you would like to reuse as a template
  4. Next to “Edit Post” click “Clone” to start a new post
  5. Edit the Post Title
  6. Edit the Post “permalink” (directly below the title)
  7. Repeat the steps above to edit the post